No-Fault Auto Reform

Currently, all auto policies are issued with unlimited PIP coverage. This means that you will always have enough coverage should you need it.


Starting on July 2, 2020 all auto insurance customers will be offered choices of what limit of PIP coverage they would like on their policy.

Curtis Insurance Agency is proud to present our series on Michigan No-Fault Reform. Our series of videos is meant to help educate you on the upcoming changes and prepare you for the changing insurance landscape.

The Contract

No-Fault Auto Reform Video Series

Episode 1:

Explains what PIP coverage is, how it differs from health insurance, and why it is an important coverage to have.

Episode 2:

Explains the recent changes to PIP coverage and the new options that are available.

Episode 3:

Explains what the MCCA fee is and how the new laws are effecting how much you pay.

Episode 4:

Discusses the importance of having adequate Bodily Injury Liability limits on your auto insurance policy.

Episode 5:

Reviews some general recommendations as well as what to expect ahead of your next auto renewal.

Episode 6:

Explains what the Order of Priority is for medical coverage and how the new laws effect how your policy should be written.

Episode 7:

Explains some of the new rating changes that will affect your overall auto insurance premium.

Episode 8:

Discusses the impact of the new laws on commercial auto insurance and the important things for business owners to consider when selecting new limits.

Episode 9:

summarizes the important changes to Michigan auto insurance law and discusses what you, the consumer, needs to know about selecting new limits.